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Have you ever wondered about illumination? Are you interested in learning more about what this illumination can do? You’re in the right place! Illumination is a skill that has existed for many, many years and is said to be the ultimate plane of existence. The Illuminati was birthed from this desire to achieve illumination. Open your mind and learn more!

Illumination is a word that is oftentimes heard or used in conjunction with the Illuminati. The definition of illumination, in regards to the Illuminati, is an enlightened form of knowledge and free thinking. The original Illuminati group, which was started in 1768 by Adam Weishaupt, had one purpose: to find a source of pure, true information that was not the church or the monarchy. In the mid-18th century in Europe, church and state were intrinsically linked and viewed as the source of power, authority and knowledge. Weishaupt, and others in the Illuminati, rebelled against this concept. They were on the hunt for illumination from another source.

Illuminating meaning  

If you’re wondering about the illuminating meaning, it is quite simple. To illuminate something means to bring it into the light. This is exactly what Weishaupt was attempting to do when he started the Illuminati. Through illumination, he wanted to dismantle organized religion and the monarchy as the only source of knowledge and power. Weishaupt believed that knowledge was powerful, but that it came from many sources- none of which were God or the King.

Illuminating synonym   

There are many illuminating synonyms. Illustration, adornment, radiance and luminescence are all options for a illuminating synonym. Illumination in the context of the Illuminati is to bring true, factual knowledge into the light. The purpose of this was so that people could use their free thinking abilities and form their own opinions about the world, religion, philosophy, politics, the world order, and so on.

Illuminati symbol

When the Illuminati first began, it was necessary to have an Illuminati symbol. In fact, the organization used many. This was mainly to protect the secrecy of both the Illuminati organization itself and the members of the Illuminati. No one was supposed to know if another person was a member of this exclusive organization.

Illuminati eye   

The Illuminati eye is by far the most significant and well-known symbol of the Illuminati. The original name for this symbol is the all-seeing eye and the pyramid. It was not designed by Adam Weishaupt or any other members of the Illuminati, but was instead adopted by them as the official symbol for their organization. It is said that this Illuminati eye is still the universal sign for illumination and for the Illuminati organization. This particular symbol was likely chosen because it represents an all-knowing, all-seeing eye- which is what the Illuminati organization was attempting to represent itself.

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